Hours & fees

Generally the Railway Children Kindergarten coincides with school hours and term-times.

Our hours are as follows:

Monday 9am-12.00pm 12.00pm-3pm
Tuesday 9am-12.00pm 12.00pm-3pm
Wednesday 9am-12.00pm 12noon-3pm
Thursday 9am-12.00pm 12.00pm-1.15pm (lunch club – pay as you go)
Friday 9am-12.00pmYou can choose a half day or full day and we offer the 
15 hours Plus for our three and four year olds which is £19.50 per session. 

We also offer free early interment for 2 year olds. (FEET funding)
The Railway Children Kindergarten still has spaces for this September
 so please call 01372 802549 or email nicola@therck.co.uk to make an appointment.