What to expect

Although there is plenty of free and messy play at The Railway Children nursery, we also teach the children through the Early Years curriculum and introduce them to letters, sounds and numbers to ensure that they are ready to join reception when they leave us.

We place great emphasis on our pastoral care and social education – teaching the children how to share and play nicely with each other; while providing them with lots of guidance, love and reassurance.

We have daily group times, where we reinforce our behaviour by talking about the nursery ethos which we call our Golden Rules, of being kind, being tolerant of each other, and respecting each others views, listening and taking care of each other among other things. We do exercises in the courtyard as part of our daily routine, and also talk about keeping ourselves fit and healthy, by eating and drinking well.

We have an art room where the children love to paint and model; a quiet corner for reading and for time working on the computer or practising their letter/number work; plus a larger room for role play, free play and group activities. We also have a courtyard where the children plant seeds; study bugs and play on the playground equipment.

To help support your child in his/her provision you can access information from
surreycc.gov.uk/“what to expect when?”