Thursday’s activities

This week we have been continuing with our Easter activities – our Easter display is finished – feel free to look at our lovely collage work! 

The children have been looking after Belle very  kindly this week – she had to have 6 teeth removed – and as one of the children said “she’s had tooo many treats” !  They helped to crunch up her hard food to make very small pieces for her to be able to eat.  Today some of us took Belle round to Jess – Belle’s dog groomer who comes in a lovely spa van – to the car park where she is parked up.  Belle will  well and truly smell beautiful by the end of today!

We have enjoyed making chocolate nests this week, and will be having fun with a few Easter hunts tomorrow and next week before the end of term.

Today in the art room we have been painting with tractor wheels, we have joined in with a group activity of the Three Little Pigs with finger puppets, we have been practicing mark making our letters,  and making Easter Cards, had loads of fun building lego pieces and constructing big block see saws!We break up for Easter end of Wednesday next week and return on Monday 16 April – Have a great Easter !